Wednesday, September 10, 2014

World Suicide Prevention Day

Not only is today the anniversary of my birth (which is great, but technically I had no hand in... that was all up to my parents and God), but more importantly it is World Suicide Prevention Day.

One way I thought I could honor today was when anyone wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY I would ask them to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Now I know $30 for my 30th Birthday may have sounded better, but I didn't want folks to feel overly pressured. I decided I would mention $5, since it is like them buying me a birthday cup of coffee (and getting a tax write-off out of it).

I have been overwhelmed with the response. I have already received 20 donations for the day - totaling $335 (and there are still 7 hours left in the day!). I actually had to update my GOAL three times now because we have continued to meet and exceed it - GO YOU!

Thank you so much to everyone who had donated (and may donate in the future). I truly believe we are blessed to bless others and am BEYOND THRILLED that my friends and family are giving to a cause which is near and dear to my heart!

If you are considering making a donation (whether it is a dollar or thirty, every penny counts), please check out my participant page.

Donating online is safe and easy! You literally just need to click the "MAKE A DONATION!" button in the image below, or go to my participant page here and click the "DONATE NOW" option at the top of the page. 


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Danelle said...

Carlee, this is such a wonderful idea and a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday!

Congrats on your amazing fundraising!