Monday, September 29, 2014

41 Miles

I have run 41 miles over the last 4 days! Isn't that crazy?

Friday I had my standard long run on the calendar - 14 miles. I knew the next few days would be pretty intense, so I tried to keep my miles as close to my LR pace (which is 9:42/ mile) as I could. I had to chuckle a bit though. While I was in the Harbor towards the end of my run, I passed a guy and gal. I heard the guy turn to the gal and say "Wow, she's fast". I think it was TOTALLY the Pro Compression socks that made it APPEAR that I was fast, because I sure wasn't breakin' any speed records ;)

Saturday morning I had another 8 miles on the calendar. I have back-to-back long runs on my schedule since I am training for the Dopey Challenge, which will have 4 mornings of races (5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, Half Marathon on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday). We were actually having a bit of "fall" weather, so I decided I could do my run a little later in the morning. Ryan wanted to go surf around 8am, so I figured I'd join him at the beach and do my run down along the water. The scenery is BEAUTIFUL and hard to beat! The run wasn't too bad either ;)

Yes, I got QUITE A FEW looks and comments about my "bright" outfit!

Sunday was actually a scheduled REST day. Thankfully I cleared it with my coach (Krissy at Outrunning the Monorail) that it is okay for me to do some extra miles with the hubby. See, he is currently training for some half marathons (the first of which is the Avengers Half in November) and trying to improve his time a bit from his past halves. Since I was the one that sort of pushed him to start running (and sign up for #AllTheRaces), I feel sort of obligated to do his long runs with him (not to mention I LOVE running with him). His pace isn't as fast as mine, so although it isn't EASY to get in 15 miles no matter the pace, it wasn't as strenuous as the previous runs (PS IT WAS HIS LONGEST RUN TO DATE!!). We were able to finish with an ICE BATH in the Pacific ;)

I didn't take the full plunge... But Ryan sure did!

Today I had another 4 easy pace miles on the calendar. Pretty standard run near my house. Was able to get the miles in at 9:23, 9:16, 9:12, and 8:24. I am still struggling to keep my short distance "easy" pace runs slow, but was happy to look at the watch and see the times even after all the miles I accumulated over the weekend. Not to mention, they didn't feel hard at all! I was even able to break out a pair of the Brooks PureConnect2 that I have had hiding in the closet! (PS I LOVE that they included the LIME GREEN laces along with the subtle black ones. YOU KNOW I switched them out for BRIGHT right away!)

I'm pretty sure I have earned a REST DAY tomorrow. Normally I do my strength training on Tuesdays, but with the mileage I have put in over the past few days, I think I have earn a complete rest day. Maybe I'll lay at the pool or put my legs up and catch up on some of my guilty pleasure shows ;)

I have to say, I am feeling pretty confident about the Dopey Challenge. Sure, I was about 7 miles shorter than the Dopey Challenge distance, I didn't do a run of 26.2 miles, I wasn't up at 4:30am each morning, etc, but I was able to put in quite a few miles in a short period of time and do them with a smile on my face and no damage to my body. And don't forget, I am going to have some PRETTY AMAZING FOLKS alongside of me during the Dopey Challenge to help encourage me every step of the way!

The Dopey Challenge

I totally believe all the PRO Compression gear, foam rolling and stretching have kept me feeling on top of my game this weekend!! (I wore Marathon socks during my runs on Friday {it was dark when I started so I forgot to grab a picture}, Saturday and Sunday and wore my Low Trainers during my run this afternoon.) If you don't have any PRO Compression gear in your closet yet, YOU BETTER GET SOME!

How many miles did you get in this weekend? 

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