Saturday, March 29, 2014

Workout Recap - Week 13

Sunday, March 23rd – Hot Chocolate 5K with my mom, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, March 24th – 5 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Tuesday, March 25th –  8 mile pace run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Wednesday, March 26th – 5 hilly mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Thursday, March 27th – 19.25 mile bike ride, 2 mile hike with the pup, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, March 28th – 18 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday, March 29th – 8 mile runFoam Rolled & Stretched

WOWSER! This week I ran over 47 miles! Now today was a schedule "rest day", but since I will be flying out on the red-eye tonight to meet Ryan in Barbados, I figured I would swap a couple of the next few days around. Ry mentioned that it is HOT and HUMID there, that there isn't a treadmill, and that the sidewalks are few and far between with crazy drivers on the roads. 

Next week I had two 5 mile runs and an 8 mile run on the calendar. I decided I would do the 8 miler this morning and will try my hardest to get in a couple runs while on vacation. I am SURE we will be active (shoot, last time we were in Hawaii we rented bikes so we could bike to Diamond Head and then hiked it) with things like walking the island, snorkeling, etc, but I wanted to make sure to got in a little extra mileage before going so I didn't feel so guilty if I didn't get in a longer run while there.  

How were your workouts this past week? 

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