Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dating ABCs: T

This past weekend Ryan and I went THRIFTING for our T Date. We love checking out Thrift Stores. Ryan might be a bit of a picker... and if I was okay with it, he would probably be a bit of a hoarder too :) Thankfully that doesn't fly in our condo.

Although her neck says "NOT FOR SALE" her eyes say something else...

The title of this record? "Blow Your Own Horn". Why doesn't Herb have on a shirt?! 

The D.A.V.! Our F.A.V.!

The Treehouse Trolls. Would have went with our T theme, but NO!

The sun was bright and we blocked the sign, but you get the idea.

Unfortunately we didn't find anything to purchase, but half the fun is in the hunt, right?!

While we were out (I think we went to a total of 4 or 5 thrift stores), we stopped to get some Tasty Treats. You see, it was pretty Toasty out, and we needed to cool down a bit.

I had a Tollhouse cookie (I am going to claim I was "carb loading" for my race the following day).

Ryan had a Slurpee and Reese's Fast Break (but to stick with the T theme I told him it looked like a "turd").

We were very Thankful to spend Time Together!

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