Monday, March 3, 2014

Dating ABCs: S

We had sooooo many ideas for our S date... The issue was... THEY WERE ALL "NICE" WEATHER DATES!! We thought we could go Stand-up paddle-boarding, we could go Sailing, we could go pick Strawberries, we could go Seaglass hunting, but you see... it was STORMY all weekend long!!

This put a slight kink in our plans, but thankfully we didn't let us hold us down. Sunday afternoon we decided we would head over to Señor Grubby's for a little lunch.

Don't forget to grab your souvenir Carlsbad shot before leaving :)

Shakas at Señor Grubby's!

Ryan loves his SPICY CARROTS!

Quesadilla and french fries... I think that is called heart attack on a plate!

Ry and his breakfast burrito sans meat. 

Me and my grease platter!

Ryan is QUITE the story teller. He decided he wanted to record a video of why there was a lone wolf (he pronounces it "woof") on the wall...

Don't ask me how he keeps a straight face whenever he tells his stories... But here is a little peak into the brain of my SILLY hubby!

We rounded out the day with a Sunset Stroll on The Strand.

And then on the way home, somehow Ryan also talked me into Slurpees :)

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Unknown said...

Love the rock stacking photos...and love you guys!!