Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Ate Hills for Breakfast

What did you have for breakfast this morning?


We live in a fairly hilly area, so this morning I decided for my 4-miler I would run over to one of the nearby hills (about a mile from the house, but on the way to "the hill" it is still hilly) and run hill repeats. The hill is about a quarter mile from the top to my turn-around, so I did it 4 complete times (2 miles of straight hills) and then ran back home for the last mile.

Some shots of "the hill":

It might not have been fast, it might not have been pretty, but eventually it will make me a stronger runner. And YES I wanted to stop many-a-times, but I DIDN'T!

Four hilly miles.

And then when I got home I saw THIS shirt on one of the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram {nycrunningmama} and KNEW I HAD TO BUY IT! Right?! It was like a sign!


EMBRACE THE HILL! You can order your own here.


Courtney @ RunningforCupcakes said...

I live in such a flat area that anytime I have to run even a little hill I pretty much die haha. I'm excited to move back home for a month this summer and tackle some hills! That shirt is super cute!

Lynsey @Paceful Miles said...

Very nicely done! I have plenty of hills in my area and they are my biggest enemy. I have been trying to think positive like you as I know they will make me a stronger runner as well.

Kristin said...

So cute!!!