Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meet Walt!

Meet Walt! The newest addition to our little family! We rescued him from a non-profit called New Beginnings for Animals.

He is a 9-ish month old Dachshund mix (they weren't sure what he was mixed with, looks mostly doxie, but maybe a little Beagle in there).

We went up and met with him on Saturday and then the foster mom came down yesterday to make sure our house was a-okay. We did the paperwork right then and he became our Walt!

He walks well on a leash (which is a good thing, since we don't have a yard and have to do all of his potty breaks on walks around the complex) and seems to be pretty well trained already.

He found 'his spot' in the corner of the porch in the sun. He even grabbed a toy and went and started napping out there without me even showing it to him.

Today I took the day off work and am spending it here with him - so that he can get used to me, the house, the new environment, etc. He seems to be doing extremely well so far. We had him sleep in his crate last night, and after a minute or two of whining he was fine and slept soundly until this morning (thank goodness).

I will try not to have EVERY post be about our new puppy - but it may be hard, at least for a little while :). This is the first pet Ryan and I have owned as adults, on our own (meaning not a family pet), and as a couple, so it will definitely be an adventure - but I am sure we are ready for it!

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