Friday, April 19, 2013

Hot Ten

I decided to head out and do ten miles today. I hadn't done a longer run in a few weeks and figured it was about time. Not to mention, Ryan and Walt were running errands, so I knew I didn't need to rush home to let Walk out or anything. The first five miles I felt like I was really cruising. But then, by mile 7 or so the heat and the lack of sleep (Walt didn't do so great with crate training last night) caught up with me. 

My legs felt like lead, I might have been slightly dehydrated, and I couldn't keep my focus. BUT with all that being said - I still finished it! 

I know not every run can be great, but man, I sure would love it if it was possible :). Maybe next time I shouldn't do my long runs in during the hottest part of the day either... Lesson learned (maybe).

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