Saturday, April 27, 2013

Workout Recap - Week 17

Sunday, April 21st – Easy 5 miles with the hubby, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, April 22nd – Long intervals on Elliptical for 60 minutes

Tuesday, April 23rd – Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs)

Wednesday, April 24th – Stationary bike for 60 minutes (18.5 miles)

Thursday, April 25th – Rest Day

Friday, April 26th – Speedy Six Miles, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday, April 27th – 22 mile bike ride, Foam Rolled & Stretched

This week was one of 'getting used to having a dog'. This was the first full week where we had Walt, and the first week we went to work while Walt was crated. It will take a little getting used to, but we are making it work. The slightly bummer thing was that I felt like I needed to get home right away, so my workouts felt a little rushed and I wasn't able to do any of my 'extras' - like speed workouts or stairs. I think now that we know how well Walt does, I will feel more comfortable doing an extra 20 minutes or so instead of rushing right home. As you can see, my stretching and foam rolling also dropped off. I guess laying and playing with a doggy on the floor has been a little more important (or at least a little more fun) than stretching. I will HAVE to get back on this!

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