Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Never Have I Ever...

I thought it’d be fun to do a “Never have I ever...” themed blog post. If you aren’t familiar with this “game”, I'll try to explain it. To start, someone normally says something that they’ve never done/ seen/ eaten/ etc. If you have done/ seen/ eaten/ etc, then you put a finger down (or take a shot/ drink, depending on if you’re playing the “adult version”). The last person “standing” wins, but in the meantime you learn a lot about the others you are playing with. So who wants to play with me?!

I posted on a few of my social media platforms last week with the premise and got a few responses I thought I’d share.

Never have I ever...

...smoked pot.


Smoking has always been something I thought was "gross". In fact, I've never smoked anything (cigarettes, hookah, marijuana, etc). Although, I have tried medicinal edibles (to help with pain relief and sleep), as well as CBD salves and tinctures. I've never used it recreationally, but always as a way to try and alleviate sucky fibromyalgia symptoms.

...been sky diving.


The hubby and I went on our one year wedding anniversary and I've also been with my mom (who is super scared of heights but somehow I was able to talk her into jumping out of a plane!). The airport near our house offers it (where my mom and I went) and we love looking for the skydivers in the sky when we are walking around the neighborhood.

...gone skinny-dipping.


#RealTalk - I hate the way my body looks (and don't really remember a time that this wasn't the case), so would prefer no one to ever see me in the nude. Not to mention I am too big of a wimp and would worry about getting "caught" so I don't think it'd even be fun (if I was able to get out of my own head that someone else was seeing all of my nether-regions).

...missed a period as a running.


A few years ago I stopped taking birth control because we lost our health insurance when the hubby left his corporate job and was doing freelance design full-time. Since being off "the pill" for about 3-4 years, I have only had my period a handful of times. Although some folks may be concerned about this, it is not something I worry about. First, the hubby and I decided (long ago) we do not want children so my reproductive health is not top priority. Next, when I do have a period it is pretty horrendous (heavy, extremely painful, etc). If I had it my way, I'd never have a period again. I know I'll probably get some responses about how this is not healthy, but after being poked and prodded by doctors for many years for many different issues, let's just say I am not running off to the gynecologist to have this "fixed" anytime soon.

...DNF’ed a race.


(For those of you who don't know, DNF = did not finish.) Thankfully I've been able to finish all of the races I've started. I think the only one where I was "close" to throwing in the towel was the San Francisco Ultra Marathon {had Brian said he didn't want to start the second loop I'm pretty sure I would've been okay packing up my things and calling it a day}. There have been a handful I DNS (did not start), but due to logistical or travel reasons, not due to an injury/ inability to run.

...done a triathlon.


Oh golly gee, this was bad. There was a sprint triathlon on Coronado Island a few years back (wow, it was in 2013 now that I look up the recap) where everything was done on the beach - obviously swimming in the ocean, the bike was on the hard-packed sand on beach cruisers and the run was over dunes along the coast. Let's just say when I was the LAST ONE out of the water and the hubby kindly told me "I think I could've beaten everyone in the swim", I knew the triathlon life was not for me... Doggy paddle may be the only stroke I'm proficient at, and I wouldn't even say I'm good at it ;)

...tripped over your dog while running.


Let's be real, Walt the Wiener Dog does very little running... We can normally coax him into a quarter mile or so at a time, but other than that his short legs seem to be a little too stubborn to run very far. Although he has run in the San Diego Santa Run (the dog division runs a one-mile course and the wave is "Santa's Little Helpers") in 2013, 2015 and 2017!

...gone bungee jumping.


Not that I wouldn't, I just have never had the opportunity to do it. Maybe I need to add this to some sort of bucket list...

...farted in your sleep and woken yourself up.


Ha, I'm not sure where this one came from, but I don't think I've ever done it. Is this a common occurrence in real life?!

...been to the Statue of Liberty.


In high school I went to New York City for a mission trip with my church. There is a possibility that when we were there we went to the Statue of Liberty... but, in case you didn't see my post yesterday, THE HUBBY AND I WILL BE GOING TO NEW YORK THIS FALL and I'm sure this spot will be on our itinerary of things to do while we are there.

Were you surprised at any of my answers?

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