Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Favorites

Let's be real, those "days of the week" undies might come in handy right about now because it is pretty hard to keep the days straight, am I right?! Thankfully for me, the hubby is still working (from home) so I am able to tell the difference between week days and weekends, but otherwise I'm pretty much lost. Anywho, apparently it is Friday so I figured I'd share a list of fun finds I'm loving lately (although, truth be told, we aren't spending any extra money these days, so all of these things I am just adding to my wish list for later). So, without further ado, here goes.

New Tees from The Mitten State

It's about time I share some new tees from The Mitten State, right?! I mean, I feel like I do it every couple of months and this week they released a couple new ones that I'm loving. The first one is a Smokey the Bear tee. Not only do I love Smokey and the design, but a portion of the proceeds from each tee sold goes to help fund the US Forest Service. The second tee released this week was designed because The Mitten State has partnered with The National Forest Foundation. The purchase of this tee helps the NFF ensure the National Forests and Grasslands lands stay healthy and vibrant for generations to come. Each tee sold gets five trees planted (there's also a sticker of the same design and the purchase of one sticker helps plant one tree). It's too bad neither come in an XS {they're unisex sizing} for me.

Pandemic Positivity Coloring Book

Two weeks ago I shared some of the coloring pages I have been loving lately (I have been writing many pen pal letters and ran out of blank paper to write them on so ordered a coloring book and was using the back of the pages to write my notes on). Positively Present released a new coloring book this week that I had to share (and hopefully will have the hubby print out for me the next time he has to go into the office). And in case you are curious about the meaning behind each of the pages, you can go to this blog post for the 15 Reminders for Keeping Calm During a Pandemic.


Parks Project Minimalist National Park Playing Cards

During this time of quarantine, the hubby and I have been playing a lot more games than usual. SkipBo is our current fave, but when I saw these Parks Project playing cards I thought we might need them for any game that requires a "standard" deck of cards. We might just need two decks (one for the house and one for in the AdventureMobile)...


What are you loving lately?

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