Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Favorites

It's Friday... and although we aren't going on our usual Friday night Mexican restaurant date or really anything different than any other day during a quarantine week... I am still going to celebrate because I am healthy, happy (most of the time), safe and sane (or at least I'm working on keeping that aspect of myself ;)). And what better way to celebrate than by sharing some of my favorite finds with some of my favorite folks?! So let's get on with the show and get to the list!

Momentum is Going Green

I'm not sure if you follow Momentum Jewelry super closely or not, but if you do, you may have notice that this past week they updated their logo. Although that is exciting, the even more exciting news in my mind is that they just switched to 100% recyclable mailers and product hangtags. They are now all recycled {made from recycled content}, biodegradable {will biodegraded} and recyclable {can be recycled}. And with Earth Day this past Wednesday, it's perfect timing!

CIM's Worry Free Registration

I don't know that I actually told the InterWebs, but I registered for CIM {California International Marathon} when it opened last month. With all of the uncertainty surrounding COVID19 and races, I was STOKED when I got an update email from them yesterday with their "worry free" registration policy for 2020. If the 2020 CIM is unable to be conducted for any reason related to the COVID-19 public health crisis, all 2020 CIM registrants will receive a one-time voucher that will allow them to register for free for any one future CIM through 2023. I think this is an AWESOME option for runners and wanted to give CIM a BIG KUDOS for rolling it out! Obviously I pray that the race is held in December, but if that isn't the case, I am super grateful CIM is looking out for its runners. With that said, registration is still open if you want in!


PRO Compression Upcycle Socks

PRO Compression just released a new line of socks that I HAD to share about. It's a perfect EVERYDAY sock! These eco-friendly socks are made from a blend of yarns including 32% upcycled cotton, 32% RPET, 29% nylon and spandex. The Upcycle sock {currently available in black and navy} makes a great daily sock as it features an incredibly soft feel and lighter compression for the optimal combination of comfort and function. {PS Use code "FF2020" to save you 40%!}

The Best of Sunrise 6K by November Project

Next week (on April 29th to be specific), November Project is holding a Sunrise 6K on Strava. The start or finish of your 6K must take place within 10 minutes of sunrise in your region. Record your attempt in Strava. In the “description” field of your run entry, you’ll have the opportunity to write about what made this run unique/ interesting/ fast/ slow/ creative or whatever it might be. You'll be judged based on those and not your time. The Top 10 winners in the categories of NP's choosing will get laced up by Brooks Running. If you live in an area where running outside is not allowed, discouraged, or you’re just not comfortable, get creative with your course (around the coffee table, on the rooftop, in the hallway) and please obey the rules of social distancing. Do something different, new, creative, or interesting, dedicate this run to something or someone, or just make us smile, and your chances of being one of the winners will exponentially increase. As with everything fitness related when it comes to NP - it's FREE! You better believe I've got my 6K "course" planned!


What are you loving lately?

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