Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Good Friday! I feel like today's list could have listed simply JESUS, but alas I thought besides Jesus (His death, burial and resurrection) being my FAVORITE EVER, I would share a few of the other things I have been loving these days.

Outside The Bowl Mexico Meal Packs

If you know me, you've probably heard me share about Outside The Bowl. They're an organization dedicated to eliminating physical and spiritual starvation in impoverished communities by building Super Kitchens, and working with established community partners to serve hot, nutritious meals to those who need them most. I've been to one of their Super Kitchens in Haiti and one in Mexico. The hubby and I donate to them monthly and he offers his design services to them on an annual basis to help with their reports they send to their donors and potential partners. I am NOT saying this to toot our own horns, but to show you that this is an organization that we believe in fully and back 100%. With that said, due to COVID19 and having to shut down some of their kitchens, they have been left with high inventory and needed to figure out what to do with it. You can read about the whole thing HERE but I wanted to share one way you and I can help - with the Mexico Meal Packs they put together. $13 feeds a family for two weeks, $26 feeds a family for a month. I was thinking, what if my runner friends donated either $13 or $26 in honor of a race/ event that was cancelled/ postponed due to COVID19... think of the impact we could have! Interested in donating? Click HERE to learn more. {PS If you're interested in reading about our last trip to the Tijuana Super Kitchen you can read it HERE. My blog dedicated specifically to my Haiti trip is also still online HERE - but remember this was TEN years ago so it's not up to today's standards ;)}


A Mile An Hour

I watched this awesome YouTube video the other day and had to share. This runner ran "a different kind of marathon" - a mile an hour (the first hour he ran 3 miles) for 24 hours to hit 26.2 miles. In between each leg he had a list of tasks he wanted to accomplish. He wanted to see what all he could get done while also running a marathon. If you read my post about my Yeti Ultra 24-Hour Challenge, you may remember one of my pitfalls of the day was that I felt unproductive for that time frame... well, this is proof you CAN get things (and LOTS of things) done if you put your mind to it.

Momentum's #KeepMoving Challenge

Momentum just announced (they gave the ambassadors a heads up yesterday, but it's being shared to the wide world as of today) a challenge I thought I'd share. The idea is to have people commit to moving at least 45 mins each day next week - for fun, for community, and because movement has always been our lifeline to sanity (and is even more now than ever!). They'll be sending out virtual trophies 🏆 to all registered participants at the "finish line" as a fun way to celebrate!


The details:
WHAT: Movement is medicine. It helps us to de-stress and re-center ourselves, so they're challenging us all to MOVE every day next week for at least 45 minutes - however that looks for YOU!
WHEN: 5 Days, April 13th - 17th.
WHERE: Wherever you are, safe at home. Move inside or outside.
HOW: Snap a pic and post to share - let's see everyone getting their sweat on!
DON'T FORGET: Tag @momentumjewelry and use #KeepMoving hashtag so everyone can cheer for you!
YOUR REWARD: Not only will you most likely have improved mood & energy for the week, it's extremely likely that you'll also have fun being a part of this energizing virtual challenge community! But don't worry - they've also added some BLING! All registered #KeepMoving Challenge participants will receive a fun virtual trophy at the "finish line" to help celebrate! {NOTE: Registration cut-off is 8pm CST on Sunday, April 12th}

Waypoint Wanders Scratch Off Maps

I was fed an ad from this company on my IG feed a few times now, and every time I take a screenshot for my "wish list". I don't know anything about the company or the quality of the maps, but the idea is awesome. Think of it like a scratcher lottery ticket, but you scratch off the locations you've been. I love the National Parks or the Rose Less Traveled most.

What are you loving lately?

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