Monday, September 19, 2016

St. George Marathon Goals

Putting your goals out for the world to see is hard. I don't want to fail, especially not publicly. I don't want to let you down, especially if you truly believe in me. I don't want to make a fool of myself, especially if I believe something outlandish that could never be a reality.

But, you know what? I also don't want to live in fear. I don't want to hold back or not go for something because I'm not sure how it will turn out. I don't want to give less than my best in hopes of not being disappointed if I don't hit a goal.


I want to try (and if I fail then at least I know where to start from next time). I want to give it a go (and if I come up short I pray that I can do it graciously and still bring glory to my God who has given me these opportunities). I want to be proud of myself with whatever I do (and if that means missing my goals then I want to have no regrets).

Okay, so now that you've made it through all my inner-monologue, it's time to get down to business and lay out my goals for the St. George Marathon (which is now less than two weeks away).


Goal A - Sub 3:32

My Boston Qualifying time is a 3:35, but we all know (or at least people familiar with the qualifying process) that a 3:35 will not get you in... You will qualify, but all of the spots will most likely be taken prior to you getting an opportunity. So, in reality, I would probably need a sub 3:32 to not only qualify for the Boston Marathon but also secure a spot at the coveted race (by the way, this would be for the 2018 race since the time frame for the 2017 race has already closed).

Goal B - Sub 3:45

My current PR is from last year's REVEL Canyon City Marathon. I would love to see that my hard work (even if I wasn't able to get in as many speed sessions as I would have liked this training cycle) is paying off and I am stronger and faster than I was on that race day (not to mention I'm hoping this course isn't as much of a quad killer as REVEL was).

Goal C - Finish with a SMILE

This is always a goal of mine, no matter the race distance or course. I run for the pure enjoyment I get from running (in case you were sadly mistaken, I do NOT get paid to run, it is simply a hobby of mine - something that I am passionate about and my sole soul loves doing). Sure, seeing faster times is great, but I never want to outrun my love for the sport.
So now that my goals are out there for the InterWebs to see, it's time to focus, take a deep breath and try to chase them down with every ounce of my being. No matter what the time on my Garmin says at the end of the race next Saturday, I am forever grateful for the abilities and opportunities I have been given and hope to never take them for granted!
What are your big, scary goals?


Unknown said...

I will be cheering you on from the Web World!! You got this Carlee!!

Unknown said...

Putting the big goals out there is super scary. But ultimately, it's also what motivates and pushes us.
You do the best you can on race day. If you come up short on the A goal, it's never a disappointment. You still gave it all you had. But I think you got it in you!

Kc said...

It's definitely scary to put these out there so I'm proud of you! Can't wait to cheer you on!!!

Sandra Laflamme said...

I always make 3 goals as well. That definitely helps during the marathon. I have no doubt you can do this. Run your own race. Stick to your plan and try to stay as positive as possible! I will be cheering for you! Can't wait to see how it goes!

Unknown said...

Good luck! You'll do great because you have the best outlook going in to it!

SD Mom said...

The whole SD Family will be rooting for you!

Mallory Ann said...

Get it girl!!

Debbie @ Coach Debbie Runs said...

You got this! Remember that with all the talk about St. George being downhill, and yes it does have a net loss of what, a couple thousand feet, there are a lot of rolling hills the first 20 miles, and it's at mile 20 when you really hit the downhill. You'd think that would be a good thing, but on tired legs, the pounding of downhill is tough.

Also (and I assume this is the same as when I last ran it) when they bus you to the start line it will be COLD!!!! They light fires, but of course that means smoke, not the greatest thing to be inhaling before a marathon. I learned to spend a few dollars at a thrift store (in St. George works just fine) and buy several layers of throwaway clothing. That way you can stay away from the fire and still be warm.

The people of St. George are awesome too. So welcoming to marathoners! Have a wonderful time.

SarahRunsAgain said...

You go girl! You are such an inspiration. To God be the glory

Unknown said...

I don't think there will ever be a moment where you let us down!!!! I'm excited to read the recap!!!! Good luck girl ( although you won't need it because you're pretty darn amazing already.)

Chelsea B. said...

You got this. But just make sure to smile and have fun the whole time!!!

My big scary goal came from my 8 year old self (finish Ironman Kona). Well now that it is really hard to qualify and get there I settled for just finishing Ironman Texas. But now I really want Kona still. It may take me numerous years to get there. And while I am at it, want to run Boston and NYC. :)

Erica @ Erica Finds said...

I have a good feeling about this! And no matter what happens, you're amazing. Go get it!!

Abby said...

Love it and good luck.
I always do A, B, and C goals too.

Christy said...

Good luck!! I know you'll dominate the course and I am excited to hear about it.

Kelly(M&M) said...

I have been following your journey for a while now and loved meeting you in person in Phoenix! You are just as positive and awesome in real life. I am happy to hear you are putting it all out there for St. George. It is a beautiful course and you will love it. You will never regret giving it your best shot, you will only regret not giving 100%- no matter what the result is. This comes from someone way too familiar with the #bqorbust goal. Boston has been my goal since my first 5:11 marathon in 2005. I knew it would take some time, but I am still going after it. I finally got to 3:43 at Newport this year, and as of September I am in the old lady 3:45 category, so I "just" have to do it one more time. :-) I have confidence in your ability to run a 3:32. YOu have worked hard and had some awesome half marathon times. St. George is a great course, just take it easy mile 7-9. :-) Enjoy the views and run with your heart like you always do! I can't wait to hear how it goes. Thanks for sharing with all of us!