Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Handful Ambassador (and DISCOUNT)

I have been keeping a secret from you. But before you start singing "Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets, secrets hurt someone" please let me explain...

A few weeks ago, the WONDERFUL women of Handful contacted me about becoming an amBADASSador for them. Let's just say that I was STOKED! I've been rocking Handful bras for a long while now (I'd say a good two or three years, at least), so to be recognized by the company as someone they want repping their brand is AMAZEBALLS!

I am not sure if you know this or not, but I am very selective when it comes to the companies I work with, rep, suggest to my peeps, etc. I have turned down ambassadorships and relationships because people I've communicated with weren't beyond bubbly (I want to make sure if I tell my friends and family about a company that they have an experience that is out of this world), because companies didn't have a mission I could stand behind (whether it is based on how they treat their athletes, how they do their marketing, what requirements are make of their crew, etc) or just because things didn't feel right (sometimes you've gotta listen to your gut).

I can count on one hand the companies I am current an ambassador for. And, in case you were curious which ones those were, they are PRO Compression, Garmin, Sparkly Soul and now Handful.

Let me tell you a little about Handful (in case you don't already love them).


So the ladies at Handful make bras (and a few tops and accessories as well). But not just ANY bras. These are high quality and AMAZING! The bras are designed to eliminate gaping and the uni-boob. There are removable pads for all of the bras (which I love because then you can't tell when the headlights are on). The moisture-wicking fabric helps you stays cool and dry (even in these hot, sweaty, humid months we've been having). All of the products are designed for all day comfort, with soft and supple materials. The Handful Bra is not just for sports but for the modern, active woman who is ready for anything life throws her way from workout to weekend and all stops in between.

Just a few of the pictures of me rocking a Handful bra currently on my phone

With that said, I'm sure you want to know why YOU should care... Well, if you aren't happy for me just because companies are recognizing me as 'good people', then maybe you'll at least be thrilled because this means YOU get a discount! Yup, if you place an order through my ambassador link (handful.me/carleemcdot) you will automatically save 10%! Also, there will be more sales coming (SUPER BIG ONES) so keep your eyes peeled! HECK TO THE YES!

And in case you're new to these parts and wanted to read more about me, check out my ambassador info page HERE.


Do you have a go-to sports bra?


LisaFH9 said...

I honestly just got buy the ones at Target because they are cheap I am wondering if I should give these a whirl.

Sarah Welch said...

Handful! You turned me onto them and I've never looked back. Their customer service is AMAZEBALLS as well! Go, Carlee!

I'll be placing an order soon.

Leopard Couture said...

They look so comfy, love all the colours/patterns!xo - Mitra


Livelycraze said...

That is awesome congrats! can't wait to see more posts

Wanderlustkyla.com said...

Their stuff looks amazing and you're the perfect brand rep for them!

Chelsea Marrs said...

This looks like a great company and love their pieces!

Chow Down USA

Quintessential Miss said...

I love companies with amazing customer service!!! They look pretty cool, I'll have to check them out!

Unknown said...

I honestly thought you were already an ambassador for them. But that's when the best connections happen. When you genuinely love and use a product ongoing. Brands notice and it's the best partnership.

Unknown said...

Wow this sounds great, right on!

Jenny said...

I just bought my first handful bra's and LOVE them! I got major chafing (tmi!!) from the band on my last bra's on long runs so they had to get the boot. I heard about handful from insta and after checking out their page I decided to try em out. Love at first sight! And at first run! WOOOHOOOO ... no chafing!!!!!!!! and yes - super soft - and yes - the blinders are off!! lol!
Congrats on the amBADASSadorship :)

Juliana said...

congrats on a great amBADASSadorship. I bought a few handful bras after their last big sale at the beginning of the year and I AM SO IN LOVE! They are so supportive, work well and dont make a uniboob!