Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How To Make An Easy Pinocchio Running Costume

This past weekend I ran the Disneyland 10K. The theme for the race weekend was Dynamic Duos. Unfortunately, I was running the race on my own so had to come up with a creative way to run as a duo. I decided that my partner would be "flat" - making it an easy prop and one that wouldn't be difficult to carry along with me on the course.

The list of Dynamic Disney Duos is long... but, if you know me, I prefer to think a little outside of the box. I came up with a list of characters that I would love to run as and then widdled down my ideas when I looked at what running in their 'costumes' would entail.

    • Buzz and Woody
    • Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket
    • Ariel and Flounder
    • Dory and Nemo
    • Mary Poppins and Bert
    • Joy and Sadness
    • Carl and Ellie
    • Wall*E and Eva
    • Mike and Sully
    • Mr. Smee and Captain Hook
    • Peter Pan and Tink
    • Alice and the White Rabbit
    • Jack and Sally

Although I would have been okay with any of them, I finally decided on Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket for the 10K (and, SPOILER ALERT, I went as Peter Pan and his shadow for the Half Marathon).

I thought the costume was pretty simple to throw together so figured I'd share a little bit about the DIY process in case you ever need a similar costume.

First, I started with an image of Pinocchio so I knew what I was going to need.


Then it was time to look in the closet to see what article I had, what I could easily make and what props would put the costume 'over the top'. I already had a red Sparkle Athletic running skirt, a yellow running skirt (I learned at the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon to avoid running in cotton shirts at all costs), some Pro Compression socks that I could make work and an assortment of accessories that would go with the theme (such as a Road ID, a Handful bra, two QALO wedding bands, a couple Momentum Jewelry wraps, etc in the prop color scheme). Oh yeah, and the hubby happened to have red suspenders in the closet for a 'scary hillbilly' costume he wore a couple Halloween's ago.

Once I saw what I had, it was time to do hit up the Dollar Store to grab some things that I didn't already have... like the hat, vest, and bow! I did a little before and after of the accessory so you could see what it started as and how I edited it slightly for my Pinocchio purposes.

The hat was pretty easy, I painted the existing ribbon a light blue color and added a red feather I bought from Michaels.

The vest was actually a kids' Star Wars type vest that I covered in a 'Fourth of July' type duct tape.

The bow was another Fourth of July item, a 'festive bow' that I covered in the same blue paint as the hat ribbon.

I also made an over-sized collar because for some reason Pinocchio thought that was cool. (I've used a similar design for my Pilgrim costume as well as my Christmas Elf.) It is two pieces of felt that I cut and hot-glued together (because when costuming, hot glue is my BFF - although my finger tips are less than thrilled with it).

And to make the costume a little more authentic, I ordered a Pinocchio nose from Amazon and made a 'flat Jiminy' to carry along the course. (I had him laminated at FedEx for $2.89 and then hot glued him to a piece of dowel rod.) (In case you were wondering, YES, I did wear the nose for the entire race, YES, it did fill up with lots of 'condensation' and I had to pour it all out afterwards, YES, I was left with the elastic marks on my cheeks for at least 12 hours, YES, I do have a slight bruise on the top of my nose from the pressure and rubbing, and YES, it did make the costume!)

For only a few dollars and minimal work, my DIY Pinocchio Running Costume came together great! Although there were a few layers (sports bra, shirt, vest, collar, etc), I didn't overheat (but that could also be thanks to the 5:30am start time for runDisney races and Mother Nature cooperating) and everything stayed together perfectly the entire 6.2+ miles!

This actually may be one of my favorite costumes I've done to date... But with so many to choose from it's hard to pick :)

What's your favorite costume you've ever worn?

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