Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites

Unlike last week's "Not My Jam: Friday Favorites" post, this week we are back to things that I am really digging. (I figured it was time to get back into the swing of things and hopefully help take my mind off that little race I have tomorrow morning... Let's see if it helps!) So, without further ado, today's list of my favorite things.

#SportsBraSquad Shakeout Run

If you will be in Chicago next weekend (whether because you are running the Chicago Marathon, spectating the race or just will happen to be in the area), you should head to the Westin on Michigan Ave at 9:30am. Join the RunWestin team and the #SportsBraSquad for an easy 2-mile shakeout run. All paces are welcome (and you do NOT have to run in your sports bra - so come clothed however you feel most comfortable). RSVP HERE.

Running In Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, you know I love to rock a great costume, especially while running. The hubby and I will be running the Rock 'N' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon on October 30th and have a pretty fun duo costume worked up for the race (now just to execute it). With that said, I was featured for my 'costuming' in Women's Running (A FULL PAGE SPREAD). If you haven't seen the article yet, pick up your copy of the magazine from newsstands today!

Source: @momslrb's Twitter feed
[Our Barnes and Noble has had the issue in since the 23rd. I've gone twice to purchase it.
Both times it is NOT out. I asked them about it. They said that they have "tons of boxes in the
back so who knows when it'll be put out, so check back in a couple days". LAMESAUCE!]

PS If you want to run #RnRLA with the hubby and I, you can still register (and save money with code CARLEEMCDOT).

Fall Temperatures

Growing up in Michigan I loved the fall. Don't get me wrong, my heart beats for the sunshine and warmth, but after a few months of the sweltering humidity, I always yearned for autumn. Hoodie weather was always my jam. And don't even get me started on football season at the University of Michigan... PURE PERFECTION! Anywho, after the summer (and the unseasonably high humidity) we had in Southern California this year I have been looking forward to running and enjoying the cooler temps and lower humidity... Well, I guess I will have to keep waiting because we are in the middle of a heat wave. Yup, Sunday and Monday of this week we had temperatures in the triple digits and the minor reprieve we are getting right now is still having us hovering in the 80s. Here's to hoping we get "fall" sometime soon.


Twitter Updates

I know, this may be a silly thing to "love" right now, but I much appreciate the minor updates that Twitter recently released. If you don't know, since September 19th, adding an image to your tweets no longer goes against your character limit (at least not from a desktop computer, from my cell phone it doesn't always work)! I have found that tweets that include pictures often are seen (or retweeted) more frequently than just text tweets, so I am stoked that you are now able to add media attachments without having it count against your 140 characters.


100 Good Deeds

A sweet friend of mine gifted me a super amazing bracelet that I just HAD to tell you all about. The company is called 100 Good Deeds. Then the mission of the brand is "Transforming communities by empowering vulnerable women and spreading kindness.", you just KNOW it is right up my alley! The bracelets are simple - Adjustable nylon braided cord, with 100 glass beads and rubber ring. Each bracelet is handmade. The idea is that for every good deed you perform, you move the ring one bead further. I love it because it is a physical (and daily) reminder to step outside of yourself and #DoGood. The bracelets are made by vulnerable women, many HIV+, who've been trained for this work in Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda & Haiti, Bali, India and New York. Can you say AWESOMESAUCE?!


So what are you loving lately?


Renee @pinkypie said...

good luck on your marathon, Carlee. I really hope you make the BQ time. You've trained for it and you are ready!! good vibes for a great race!

Breathe Deeply and Smile said...

Loved seeing your article in Women's Running! I'm going to try to make the Shakeout Run!