Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Question From YOU

The other day I received a message from a follower/ reader. I sent her the response, but thought maybe some of you might also like to hear my answer so figured I'd turn it into a blog post. [PS If you have any questions for me, always feel free to shoot me an email at CarleeMcDot@Gmail.Com. For some reason my Blogger doesn't allow me to directly reply to comments, so I've found sending emails or making replies into their own individual blog posts works best.]


The question: 
Hi Carlee! I know we don't personally know each other but I love all of your running posts. I'm a runner as well and running my 5th Chicago Marathon this year. I've taken winter off from running and having a hard time getting my butt back out there. Any advice?
My response: 

My first piece of advice - move somewhere warm so you don't have to deal with the winter ;) [You think I may be joking, but FAR FROM IT!] Honestly, I have always told friends that if I would have started running when I lived in Michigan I don't know if I would have stuck with it. Running in Southern California is easy (albeit expensive, but easy - or maybe easy isn't the right word, but we can definitely be 'less dedicated' seeing as we don't have to wear fourteen layers and trudge through the crazy winter weather that most of you all have to deal with). So, if at all possible - MOVE!


Another piece of advice - find something you love. If you love it, it won't be such a chore to get it done. Any exercise is good exercise... The best type of exercise is the one you'll actually do! Maybe that means finding a gym, joining a bootcamp, trying a spin class, etc. Whatever you can do, that you enjoy, will get you to be active and moving. It doesn't have to be running! Once the weather gets warmer and you have the ability to go outside to run, that's great - but until then, find something you will do and rock it! Ha, so I guess this piece of advice is also, when possible - MOVE (but this one is more about moving your body, not necessarily your location)!


The last piece of advice - which works for me, but I think you have to be more of a Type A personality - is to write out a training plan. If I have it on my calendar or list of things to do I am much more likely to do it (I literally feel guilty if I don't cross something off my list). Treat it as a meeting or appointment, make time for it and make it a priority. Then, once you are able to cross it off, CELEBRATE! I know some people who will put a dollar in a jar after each workout and once they hit a certain amount they buy themselves a new piece of workout gear. If that works as a motivator for you, great, if not, find what makes you tick and GO FOR IT! We need to celebrate our accomplishments, both large AND small!


Fitness is a JOURNEY, not a destination, so if there's anything you can do to help yourself enjoy the trek more: DO IT!

Would you have answered the question differently?

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