Monday, April 18, 2016

Marathon Monday

If you aren't a runner, you might not know the significance of the day... But today is MARATHON MONDAY! You know, the day that they run THE BOSTON MARATHON! Yup, the one and only!

This morning I woke up early and was glued to my computer screen (we don't have cable) watching the coverage on of the elites taking over the streets of Boston. I was constantly refreshing Twitter, checking my Facebook and watching the live feed of how the race was unfolding. Let's just say these athletes put on a show and inspired us all!

The Ethiopians had the field on lock rather early in the race (and ended up
sweeping first through third in both the men's and women's races)

Baysa came from behind (37-seconds at mile 22) to win by 44 seconds!

Did you see Hayle finish?! He still had the energy for a celebratory HOP!

And I can't leave out Bobbi Gibb! She was the Grand Marshall of the race today and I have to say it was so fitting. 50 years ago she snuck onto the course and ran the Boston Marathon in 1966 after receiving a letter from the race director saying that she could NOT enter the race (some horse poo about women being physically unable to run long distances, not to mention the liability... HA!). Can you believe that it took until 1996 for her to be recognized for her 1966, 1967 and 1968 wins?! But, nonetheless, this lady was a trailblazer and we (especially the ladies) should be forever grateful for what she was able to do for women in sports (eventually... once the rest of society got its head out of its booty and woke up)!

Bobbi is in her seventies and still runs "an hour or two" a day!

After the elites were done, it was time for me to get ready. You see, while I was watching my computer screen intently, I was also able to get in my strength training workout (I mean, if watching those elites easily glide over Heartbreak Hill doesn't inspire you to dig a little deeper on your squats I don't know what will), but I still had a couple miles to get in.

Even if I was on the opposite coast as the race I had to show my "true colors"

And what better way to get in a few miles than with friends?! The sweet Smitha has organized a "One Runch for Boston" for the past two years and I knew I had to make the trek down to San Diego once again to be a part of it. [2015 Recap]

I wasn't sure how many miles we would get in during the runch (running on your lunch break, get it?!), so I got down to San Diego a few minutes early and ran a quick mile. I was able to make it to the Unconditional Surrender Statue (aka Kissing Statue) before turning around and meeting up with everyone at the Star of India.

We had a decent turn out, especially for the high temps (it was already in the 80s before noon - ouch!). The run was super casual - we would head out for about 50 minutes and get in what you could, whether that be running, run/ walking or walking. We cheered each other on when we passed one another on the sidewalk and then met up for another sweaty round of pictures.

Love my San Diego PRO Compression Ambassador ladies!

This isn't including the strollers and scooters that also joined for the runch!

I was able to run with a couple different friends along the journey and had a great time catching up with them (as well as meeting a couple new folks).

Smitha grabbed a picture of Teresa and I

In total, I was able to get in 5 miles including the mile before the official run and then the jog back to my car (yes, yes, I realize I am totally anal because I have to have an even number on my Garmin, so sue me!).

You obviously know that my accessories have to match too, right?!

Although it takes 50 minutes both ways to get down to San Diego, being able to run with friends is definitely worth the trip (but don't ask me to make it every day ;)), ESPECIALLY when it is in honor of the Boston Marathon!

Did you watch any of the race today? Did you get all decked out in blue and gold when you went for your run?

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