Friday, November 6, 2015

REVIEW: RunnerBox Limited Edition Race Survival Kit

If you've been around for a while, you will probably remember past posts about this AWESOME company called RunnerBox.

**Those are just a FEW of the past posts about this AMAZING company. I also have tons reviewing the products that I have received or been introduced to through RunnerBox.**

And just in case those don't sound familiar and you don't have the time to pop over and read the previous posts, here's a quick synopsis of what RunnerBox is all about. (PS They also offer CycleBox and TriBox, but since running is my jam it is the product I am most familiar with.)


Anywho, when Staci reached out to me about a new kit they were putting together and offered to send me one I didn't even have to think about it. I knew as soon as I heard the name, the Limited Edition Race Survival Kit, that it was RIGHT up my alley! 

As someone with a ton of races on my schedule (I have 4 within the next 15 days for goodness' sake), anything that can help me finish strong, assist me in reaching my goals and aid in recovering well afterwards is much appreciated in my book!

Below is a picture of what all came in my Limited Edition Race Survival Kit. That "mini shoebox" was packed with goodies!

Talk about AWESOMESAUCE, right?! Since you might not be able to see everything clearly (#iPhonePictureFail), I thought I'd give a brief rundown of the type of products that came in the box. You've got electrolytes, sunscreen, pain relieving gel, nutrition, a towel to wipe off the sweat after you've finished, lip balm, anti-chafe cream, a massager for your knots, kinesiology tape, a Mylar blanket for cooler races and even handy dandy toilet paper for port-o-potties that may have run out (this {or arm sleeves, hehe} can be a life saver!). 

What I love the most about this is that it is convenient for throwing in your gear check bag or even your carry-on if your race is out of town. Not only are all of the products tried and true, but they also fit within the guidelines for flying (because, honestly, who doesn't love a little racecation?!) - even the protein shake is travel-ready!

Whether you (or someone you know) are running your first or one-hundredth race, this is an AWESOME idea. And what is even more fantastic, the lovely ladies at RunnerBox are offering YOU some FABULOUS deals!

Use code CARLEE5 to save $5 on one of these Limited Edition Race Survival Kits. (FYI Quantities are limited so make sure you don't miss out on this limited edition box!)

And if you are interested in something else from the site (whether it be a bi-monthly subscription or maybe you've got your eye on the RunnerBox Headsweats hat), you can use code CARLEE10 to save 10% on anything else in the store!

Christmas is right around the corner, so if the runner in your life has been a good boy or girl, I would HIGHLY recommend keeping RunnerBox in mind for their stocking! (And you might as well save some money while you are at it so don't forget to use the codes above!)

What's a product you would want to see included in a race day survival kit?

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