Monday, November 9, 2015

SPIbelt & H2O Companion GIVEAWAY

While I am waiting for the official race pictures to be ready (and still trying to put into words my thoughts about this past weekend's race), I figured I'd tell you about a GIVEAWAY that I am running on my Instagram account. [PS If you don't follow me already, you can check out my silly pictures at: Instagram.Com/CarleeMcDot]

When SPIbelt reached out to me a couple weeks ago about doing this giveaway I was TOTALLY down! I have been rocking a SPIbelt (actually, multiple SPIbelts) for a while now and was STOKED to hear they were adding a new product to their line.

Just a few of the pictures on my phone with me rocking one of my SPIbelts

99% of the time, when I ride my bike, I wear my SPIbelt so I can keep my
phone easily accessible.

Just to give you an idea of how low-profile the belts can
be and what I normally carry in mine.

The material is super stretchy and still has room after I try and fill it up

The Endurance line has toggles so you can wear your race
bib (YAY for not having to use safety pins or putting holes
in your favorite tank top ;))

Welcome the H2O Companion! It's an easy hydration solution accessory that you can add onto any of their belts! The SPI H2O™ Companion's ergonomic shape is designed to contour to your body and comes with a bounce-free clip.

We could always use a portable Hydration Station, right?!

6 ounces of hydration!

Just a few of the deets on the bottle!

And if you head over to my Instagram account, you can WIN one. Not only that, just in case you don't have a SPIbelt to put it on already, you can win an Original SPIbelt WITH the H2O Companion! Talk about AWESOMESAUCE, right?! So.... DON'T DELAY! Head over and make sure to get your name in the hat!

How do you carry your stuff with you while you are out for a run/ bike/ hike/ dog walking sesh?


Anonymous said...

Right now I carry my camelbak backpack with me and throw everything in there. But I'm always looking for new solutions for shorter runs. This may be something I will look into.

Unknown said...

YOU are amazing... I've been following your blog and instagram and YOU INSPIRE me each and every day... THANK YOU!! If the world was filled with people like you, what an AWESOME place it would be!!! Keep it up chick, you are ROCKIN' IT! xox

Sam @ See Sam Run said...

Holy awesomesauce! I love my Spibelt and love that they have the water bottle holder now. I always love having water with me when I run.

Emily said...

I always carry my Camelbak (a kids one because the adult ones seem really big). I just take out the bladder on short adventures.

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

Seriously you are so stinking cute. Can't wait to meet you in Vegas this weekend!