Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Disneyland #WeRunSocial Meet-Up Recap

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about one of the coolest meet-ups EVER? Okay, okay, I probably shouldn't take it that far, but it was predicted to be MIND-BLOWINGLY EPIC!

When Brian (aka Pavement Runner) was tossing the idea of a meet-up around and said my co-host would be Linzie of Sharp Endurance, I know I needed to say YES! I mean, if you know Linzie, you know a good time is ALWAYS had when he is around.

The #WeRunSocial crew was going to be out in full force during the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, so why not get new and old friends together to take tons of selfies, share a drink or three, and enjoy one another's company?!

We picked a date (Saturday, since there was already a ton on the books for Friday), a time (1-2pm, which would give those who ran the Disneyland 10K earlier that morning time to shower, nap, and eat #AllTheSnacks), and a place (Trader Sam's, because DRINKS!). 

Ryan and I made our way over to the Trader Sam's fireplace around 12:30pm to meet up with Linzie and start claiming some space. There weren't too many people there, so we plopped down on separate couches, threw down some bags and made ourselves look like we would be there for a long while. We joked around and asked each other how many people might show up. Linzie said maybe 20 or so, but I had a feeling we might get more than that due to the chatter on social media (and all the #WeRunSocial love).

A little before 1pm folks started showing up (I think Ryan and I ended up staying around till about 2:30pm and there was still a decent sized group of us). It was GREAT! Some people were able to stop and stay the whole time, while others just popped in for a drink or waved as they walked past. Although Linzie and I really didn't have much to do with it (it was all about the running community, not the hosts), I have to say, I was pretty proud when I realized how large our little gathering had become. I'd say throughout the hour we probably had 60-75 people (or maybe even more) who came by! And for a group that just officially "went live" earlier this year, that is AMAZING! Especially when you think that the #WeRunSocial crew doesn't necessarily have a home base (anyone who is GOOD PEOPLE is welcome), so to have that many folks in one area at a time is AWESOMESAUCE!

Introducing your hosts for the afternoon.... Linzie and CRAZY Carlee

Speedy Kindal is going to attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon at
Revel Canyon City with me in a couple weeks... 

My partner in crime! CHEERS TO MY HUBBY!

Flat Kara made it to the party, so Ivie, Justin, Andrea, Connie and Shelby
all had to jump in a picture with her!

The tall guys were making AJ feel short...
And this is the type of photo improvement you get when
you are around a BIG group of crazy runners...

Twinning with Leslie!

Sarah, Connie, Linzie, Krissy and myself taking a little
break in the shade. All y'all are LOVELY!

Even the kids rep the #WeRunSocial!

Bethany is my Brooks aficionado!

Linzie, Casey and I are Los Angeles Marathon Ambassadors!
In case anyone wants to be our Valentine's and run the race on 2/14/16 with us,
use CARLEE16 to save $10 off registration.
PS Thanks for the bunny ears AJ...

Doing my best SADNESS impression... How'd I do?

You KNOW it's a party when a New Kids On The Block dance-off breaks out!

And how amazing is it that Jennifer got ENGAGED at the finish line of the
Disneyland Half Marathon the following morning?! #AllTheFeels

Ivie is my FAVE!

Gotta hydrate, right?!

And this wasn't even everyone, it was just everyone at the time we took this one picture... 

I want to, once again, give a BIG thanks to everyone who came by, thought about coming by, forgot the time and missed coming by, spread the word on social media, tweeted from the party, shared pictures of the meet-up, etc. This group is BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE! Legit, it is why I LOVE the running community so stinkin' much. We may have never met before, but you run and I run and now we can be best friends, encourage one another on social media, celebrate in each other's triumphs and push one another to KICK SOME MAJOR BOOTY!

**PS I am not sure if you saw Brian's post yesterday about the next major #WeRunSocial meet-up in Vegas, but make sure you check it out here and fill out the quick survey so we know who may be interested in stopping by (because you know I am one of the wacky ones who has already booked my tickets for the #SD2LV crazy plane and will DEFINITELY be there!).**


Scarabocchio Girl said...

Wow Carlee, it sounds and looks awesome!! ;)
I wish I could be there too, being part of We Run Social too...but there's an Ocean between us, literally. LOL

Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun! I am very close to convincing my husband to join the crazy plane SD2LV!

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

So freaking awesome. I seriously need to work on changing my flight in Vegas so I can stay a few extra hours!