Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chiropractic Experience

I don't know if you remember, but a few weeks ago I decided to step outside of my regular routine and buy a chiropractic package from Living Social. I figured it was a frugal way of trying something out that I normally don't do to see if it would help with my fibromyalgia.

Today was my third time going (the first was for an exam/ x-rays and the other two were for adjustments), so I figured it was time to do a little recap. [PS I am in no way being compensated for this. I just thought I'd share a little of my experiences.]

The way I found my chiropractor (proximity to our house and cost of Living Social deal) is probably not the best way to go about finding a doctor, but hey, it worked for me.

The location I went to is in a residential area of Oceanside, so the office is actually in a home that has been remodeled as a clinic. I thought it was very cute (but I was a little weirded out at first as I wasn't sure if I was going to be walking into someone else's living room and laying on their couch to be adjusted). Thankfully it was very professional when I went inside ;)

Like I mentioned, the first appointment was more of a get-to-know-you, take-some-x-rays sort of appointment. While I was there, the chiropractor asked me, "If you were Bill Gates and money wasn't an issue, and I was a magic genie, what would you want?". Well, besides to run faster, find someone to pay me to blog, take pictures and run, and oh yeah, some world peace, I thought a decrease in general pain and a quicker recovery time from running would be a great place start and something maybe he could help me with! He let me know he would look at my x-rays and come back with a game plan at our next appointment.

A few days later I was back for my first adjustment, but first we had to look at my x-rays. When I went into the office I thought "what if they just show you a really 'bad' x-ray and try to talk you into all kinds of work?" but then noticed my necklace and earrings in the x-ray and knew it was really me ;)

My back x-ray is on top and my neck is on the bottom

The chiropractor told me a little about what he saw. Apparently a "correct" neck should have a bit of a curve to it... Mine is pretty straight... He asked if I got headaches or had a lot of sinus issues, both of which are, thankfully, not issues with me. He said that it looked as though I have had this "straight neck issue" (those are my words, I don't really remember the technical term for it) for probably 10 years or so, but that with 6-9 months of adjustments and additional work we could get me back to good.

Like I mentioned, I was really checking out a chiropractor to see if I could recover quicker from running or relieved some of my fibro pain. Now I am not saying that making my neck bend the proper way would necessarily be a waste of time or money, but it wasn't exactly what I was coming in for in the first place, so to be honest, I wasn't really signing up for 6-9 months of two adjustments a week. I think if I had chronic headaches then I would totally have bought in and signed up for all of the corrective work, but since that isn't my number one concern I couldn't justify the time, money or effort.

Before the adjustments, you sit on this little pad thing (it is supposed to simulate one of the balance balls you can sit on for exercise) and do a few stretches. You are supposed to twist around (using the chair arms to pull you as far as you can go), arch your sides into the shape of a letter "C", and bend down and then open your chest. The stretches get your body ready for the adjustment (and I am never one to turn down extra stretching, so was all for it).

After the stretching you lay on the table for a few minutes before the chiropractor comes in and starts cracking away.

The adjustment itself didn't take very long, I would say maybe 5 minutes or so. The chiropractor adjusted my neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, and wrists. At least for me, it was a very painless procedure. I think some people may be a little freaked out by all the cracking sounds, but I am sort of like an old house... I am always creaking, popping, and cracking, so it didn't worry me at all.

A friend actually recommended drinking a lot of water after my adjustments, in case the procedure started to release any toxins into my body. I am normally pretty good with my hydration game, but I made sure to step it up afterwards just in case. (H2O is my jam anyway, so I am always down for an extra glass or three.)

Honestly, I would have to say I don't feel any worse or better after my adjustments. I am happy to report I don't have any additional aches or pains (because that is always a concern of mine... that something I do will set off an episode or flare up of my fibro and I will be worse off than when I began), but I also haven't noticed anything feeling much better either...

Sure, I should probably give it more than 2 adjustments, but since my Living Social deal was for two and I haven't been wowed by any of the results thus far, I have a hard time dropping a ton of cash on it. For me, it hasn't been the magic pill I was searching for (although, let's be real, I doubt I will find one).

All-in-all, it was a great experience, just not what I was looking for. (I also gifted the hubby one of the Living Social deals, so he will be getting a couple adjustments in the near future too. I will definitely make sure to report back if he has a different experience - whether positive or negative.) I would have no issues returning to a chiropractor in the future for specific aches or pains, but I think looking for a cure-all for my fibro might have been asking a bit much for what they could provide.

Do you go to the chiropractor? 


Anonymous said...

I went a couple times a week followed by therapeutic massage each time for about seven months after I was in a car wreck a few years ago. I was hit from the side and had a lot of neck, shoulder, and upper back issues. It made a huge difference for me and my healing process!

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