Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bzees x Athleta /// Sip + Style

Last night, I got to partake in a super fun evening down at Athleta UTC. It was a Sip & Style Shopping Event with Bzees. I had only heard amazing things about Bzees, so I was stoked to learn more about the company and product!


The AMAZING Smitha has been talking about Bzees for a while now, but I have never had the opportunity to try them out. She always says how comfy of a shoe they are and when the opportunity presented itself I knew I had to give it a go! If you know me, you know I am ALL about comfort (seeing as the only shoes in my closet are my running shoes, Reef sandals or TOMS).


I am so thankful I was able to attend the event. Our Growth Groups (aka small group / Bible study) was supposed to start this week, but got pushed back to next week so at the last minute I was able to hop in my car and head down to La Jolla.

Athleta UTC always welcomes us with open arms! LOVE THOSE LADIES!

The fabulous Melissa, giving us a run down of the evening

Oh my goodness. Remember when I said Smitha always talks about how comfortable these shoes are?! Well, I TOTALLY understand why! Like the website says, IT'S LIKE WALKING ON CLOUDS!


I loved that the Bzees ladies compared our feet to our curvy bodies ;) "Think about women. We all have curves. So do our feet." And they made shoes to fit those curves perfectly - with air infused outsoles, dynamic stretch uppers, free foam footbeds and they are even machine washable!

Inspiration boards for this line


And let's be honest, the hardest part of the night was picking out our favorite style. (Oh yeah, we were each gifted a pair of Bzees just for coming to the event - how amazing is that?!) I had a much harder time than I was expecting (and I only tried on three of the styles). I really wanted the Black Sashay Slip Ons, because who doesn't love a ballet inspired shoe, but hoped the straps came up a little higher on the ankle. I loved the bit of a heel on the Blue Warped Print Flawless Slip Ons, but as Smitha pointed out, they would probably go with less outfits. I ended up deciding on the Grey Warped Print Lifestyle Sneakers and can't wait for them to arrive.

Asia and I were having a hard time deciding, so we wore one of each for a while ;)

As always, we were spoiled rotten! Not only did we get to try out the shoes, but we were able to eat, drink and be merry! Not to mention, a percentage of the sales went towards Autism Tree Project Foundation. Shopping for a cause?! Don't mind if I do!

Although I don't eat meat, I only heard amazing things about the sushi that was provided by Blue Ocean!

I'm normally not a wine drinker, but the stuff from California Fruit Wine Co
was DELISH! And you know I love to support my local companies!

And truffles from Frost Me?! How lucky were we?! I had the hazelnut one and it was delectable!

And as amazing as the events are that I am invited to go to, what makes them FANTASTIC are the friends (both new and old) I get to see. Who doesn't love seeing their blends (blogger + friends) more frequently?!

So lucky to know all of these lovely ladies!

Who doesn't love a photo booth?!

I have to say, I am extremely proud of myself. I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything (even though the shopping went to a great cause) and I actually stuck to my guns. There were quite a few things, however, that I put on my "must have" list - because COLOR! Oh, Athleta, you know how to entice me!

Have you heard of Bzees before? Do you think I made the right shoe choice? Which would you have picked?


SD Mom said...

I LOVE hanging out with you!

Asia said...

I can't wait for the Bzees to arrive! (And I am still excited about BOTH pairs of pants.) ;)

Kay Lynn said...

It was great chatting with you and Smitha at the event.