Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thursday Triumph: 4 Marathons In 1 Year

Welcome to the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Thursday Triumph Link Up. Two amazing blends (bloggers + friends) and I felt like there seemed to be a void of Link Ups on Thursday, so why not start our own?! A BIG THANKS to Smitha and Linzie for including me in this!

Anyway, here's the dealio - Every Thursday, write a post about one way you are TRIUMPHING (whether it is during training, in life, etc) and then LINK IT UP (meaning add your link at the bottom of this post so we can all read about one another's successes). {Complete "rules" are listed at the end of my post.}

Today's Triumph:

Tomorrow I will get on a plane and head to Eugene for my FOURTH Full Marathon in less than a year! Sure, sure, I know this doesn't sound like a ton when compared to some other runners who do this in a span of a month, but for me, this is HUGE!

I only started running about 3 years ago to begin with! And even then I was someone who said "I will NEVER run a full marathon". Lo and behold I will be running my fourth come Sunday morning. Not only that, I have done them each in a different state. How cool is that?! 1: Santa Cruz, CA, 2: Orlando, FL, 3: Phoenix, AZ, 4: Eugene, OR.

As of right now (because now I know never to say never), after this one I am planning on hanging up my marathon shoes for a while. Don't get me wrong, I still have a ton of races on my calendar (I even have 3 more before the end of May), but I think my body needs a bit of a break from the marathon distance (and especially those 20 mile training runs).

I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish thus far. I will NEVER be an elite runner, but I am actually starting to see myself as an athlete which is kind of a BIG DEAL for me! Praise the Lord that He has given me the ability to continue putting one foot in front of the other, all with a smile on my face and enjoying this new found passion!


Here are all the RULES you need to know to participate in the Thursday Triumph LinkUp!
     1. Linzie, Smitha and I will start the LinkUp Post every Wednesday night by 11:59 EST. It will be hosted here, on Sharp Endurance and on Running With SD Mom. You can link up your posts any day of the week but the most common day to do so is Thursday. The post can be about any TRIUMPH in your life! Each linkup will be open for one week only.
     2. Entries that are not associated with a POST or just linked to your homepage will be deleted.
     3. Link back to 
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     4. MOST IMPORTANT: You MUST visit the person's blog who linked up directly before you and leave them a motivating comment and share their POST. This is the most important part of the linkup. We want lots of links and we want to help each other out. This is MANDATORY!
     5. Void where prohibited.


KookyRunner said...

Awesome idea for a link up. I look forward to reading all of the triumphs. I just love positive things to read - very cool!

Nevie said...

Love it Carlee! I hear you about that marathon distance - it'll be about a year after my first full before I even start training for my second! I'd said "never again" ;) I maaaay just have to link up with this!

Juliana said...

great idea for a linkup-I am going to add to it right now!