Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Discounts, Art & Shoes

Don't you just hate it when you have random blog post ideas but you can't come up with a catchy title?! If only I could have thrown this post together YESTERDAY (oh Three Things Thursday Tuesday). Oh well, here are some of the ramblings going on in my head right now.


  • Sparkly Soul - I know our moms shine in our minds no matter what they do, but now you can order yours a Sparkly Soul headband to help her REALLY sparkle and save 15%. PS You can totally use the SPARKLYMOM code and buy the headbands for yourself, no one will tell on you ;)

  • PROBAR - I don't know if you read my PROBAR Blogger Network post from last week, but in case you didn't (shame on you), if you use code "MCCLURGC15" you can save 15% on your order through their website (including variety packs and gear). 

Talented Hubby! If you haven't noticed, my blog got a recent update thanks to my main man Ryan ;) He helped to update my header {and even created business cards around it} and I LOVE IT (not as much as I love him, obviously, but it is pretty high up there ;)). Anywho, Ry started a new "project" the other night and I thought I'd share it in case any one is interested in following along. He is a night owl (I am an early bird) so I normally go to bed before him. In the past, once I would go to bed he would watch some weird movie he found on Amazon Prime that he knew I wouldn't want to watch with him. Last week he decided that instead of "wasting" his time, he would throw on a record and draw something new every night. He is posting the majority of them on his Instagram, so if you want to keep up with them make sure to follow him there @Ruggedwoodsman

One Day Without Shoes! I have participated in Toms' One Day Without Shoes project since the beginning. I love what Toms does and bringing awareness to that in any way I can is something I will always try to do. This year, Toms is taking the project one step further (Get it?! I'm so punny...). From May 5th until May 21st, Instagram a picture of your bare feet with the hashtag #WITHOUTSHOES to give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. Yes, it is THAT easy.... SO GO DO IT! (PS I HATE feet, so normally would NOT ask people to post pictures of theirs, but this is for a good cause! With that being said, please don't be offended if I quickly scroll past your image ;))


Got any catchy titles I could have used for today's post?

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Renae said...

Thanks for the links/ discounts! I just bought my second round of Momentum Jewelry, using your link.... I may be addicted.