Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Three Things Tuesday

Sorry about my lack of posts the past few days. Hubby's heading out of town for work so I wanted to make sure to spend as much time with him as possible (not to mention we lost an hour this past weekend, and darn it, wouldn't you know, that was the hour I was planning on blogging ;)).


Anywho, what better way to start off my return to blogging (geeesh I act like I was gone forever when really I just didn't post yesterday), than a mod-podge post about random things?!

1. Fairies

I'm not sure how many of you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug - DO IT if you don't already - @CarleeMcDot), but I posted a picture of some of our fairies last night (yes, I call hummingbirds fairies!). Although I love laying on the porch in the sun, snoozing with the pup, my favorite time is before sunset when all of the fairies come to eat before torpor. THEY LOVE THEIR SUGAR WATER FROM THE McDOT HOUSE :)

The picture I posted on Instagram last night

I grabbed a couple of good photos, so figured I'd share more of them here (I think the flash made them look sort of fake, but I still like them). PS I didn't edit them at all (hubby normally does that but he is on a flight to Singapore right now), just cropped them a bit to take the roof of the complex across from us out of the background.

2. Fight Epilepsy

A dear friend of mine (and recent MARATHONER), Smitha, is currently trying to raise funds to help fight epilepsy (her super sweet daughter was diagnosed with it 4 years ago when she was only 18 months old). She created an AWESOME "Pace Yourself" shirt to sell and the proceeds go directly towards Serena's Crusaders' $10,000 fundraising goal for the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego.


I would be THRILLED if you would check out this amazing article written about Smitha, the cause, her fundraising efforts, etc AND be even more STOKED if you would consider picking up a shirt to help the fight here!

3. Pro Compression Hat GIVEAWAY

Obviously you all know how THUG I am (as I type that and try not to smile). Well, if you follow Pavement Runner or myself on Instagram you probably saw our GHETTO FABULOUS picture of us sporting the new Pro Compression trucker hats (and throwing runner gang symbols while we were at it;)).

Taken from Pavement Runner's Instagram

Currently they are NOT for sale, so the only way to snag one is to be LUCKY! If you would like to win one yourself, head over to the Pro Compression Instagram page and make sure to enter (look for the image below on HOW to get your name in the hat - puns TOTALLY intended)! (PS I have found mine in Walt the Wiener Dog's bed more than once, I think he wants one of his own!)

Taken from Pro Compression's Instagram

What is the most random thing you saw today?

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Unknown said...

We love our hummingbird feeder! I can't wait to have it back in the summer :)
Karen @karenlovestorun