Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Visiting The Grandmas

Since we were at the Lions/ Packers Game on Thanksgiving, we weren't able to go to a 'traditional' family Thanksgiving. We decided that on Friday we would go visit the Grandmas in Monroe. We did lunch with Grandma V at Bob Evans and then stopped by Grandma P's house to say 'HI'. These are LOVELY ladies and I just wanted to share a couple quick pictures of them.

Ryan and I with my mom's mom (Grandma-Rama):

Me, my mom, and my mom's mom:

Three Generations

Ryan and I with my dad's mom (Grandma P):

Me, my dad, and my dad's mom:

My dad seemed super far away, but I thought Grandma and I were cute, so kept it :)

Dad was closer (a plus), but my shirt made me look pregnant (a minus)

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Meridith said...

Awww, great pictures! :)