Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oceanside Christmas Boat Parade of Lights

Saturday night, after church, Ryan and I went home, grabbed the pup, threw on a couple more layers, and went down to the Oceanside Harbor for the Oceanside Christmas Boat Parade of Lights. It was the first year we have gone (not sure if it is because it isn't highly publicized or maybe we just haven't been in town when they have done it) - but hopefully it won't be our last!!

We had a great time. Some boats went all out. There were even kayak-ers paddling around the harbor dressed as Santa and had their paddles wrapped in LED lights. Everyone was yelling 'Merry Christmas' and having a good ole time. Ry and I even talked about trying to borrow a boat so we could be in it next year :).

[Please excuse the grainy pictures, it is hard to take good photos on my phone at night of moving objects ;)]


I love hometown events :) ESPECIALLY FREE ONES!!

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