Thursday, December 5, 2013


After going to the Lights at the Zoo, we went home, took off our layers, and decided we would hit up the bowling alley. My brother and his girlfriend were supposed to come with us, but they were decorating their place for Christmas all day and were too tired. My dad also was going to come, but decided to opt-out after the full day of events. That left the PARTY PEOPLE of Ryan, my mom and I.

We had a great time. When we got there all the lanes were full, but they were in the process of fixing one of them. After about 5 minutes of twiddling with bowling things, they told us the lane was ready and we were able to get our stylish shoes, balls, and head to our lane.

My calves were still tight from my FOREFOOT treadmill run on Thursday (and it was chilly out) so I wore compression socks - and HAD to show them off!

We each won one game (which means we each lost 2 as well). As always, we had a great time. I even broke 100 twice (one I was right at 100 and the other I won the game with a whopping 117)! Mom picked up on my technique (just walking up to the line and then throwing it) and actually got a TURKEY [[that means 3 strikes in a row for all of you non-bowling people, hehe]].

Action shot of mom

If we have enough time when we are back for Christmas in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS we might hit up the lanes again and see how we fare.

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