Thursday, December 26, 2013

Skiing Pine Nob

This morning Ryan and I went SKIING with his family (our brother-in-law's aunt works at Pine Nob [it will ALWAYS be known as Pine Nob, huh?!], so we were able to go and get all of our rentals FOR FREE)!


This was the FIRST TIME I had EVER gone! I went snowboarding with Ry probably 7 years ago and was TERRIBLE so gave up. I have to say, skiing went A LOT better! We were out there for a good 2.5-3 hours and I DIDN'T GET HURT, so I would say it was a HUGE SUCCESS (I really only tipped over once, but it was getting off the magic carpet, the first go-around, since I wasn't really sure how it worked and Ryan just jumped off without giving me any guidance)! I may have missed my calling.... maybe I should have been a professional skier ;).

Pine Nob runs

I did a bit of french fries, lots of pizza pies, and even ended up going down a couple BLUE hills!

Ryan and I at the top of the bunny hill

Charlene, Joey, and Jamie

Aaron and Matthew with their hula hoop

Ryan hadn't been skiing in about 23 years (he is a snowboarder), so he decided to take one for the team and try it out with me. Obviously he picked it up very quickly, and was an AMAZING (and very patient) teacher!

On a chair lift (I got off the magic carpet, how AWESOME)

At the top of one of the BLUE hills (intermediate)

Jamie (my father-in-law) is actually a ski instructor up in Cheboygan, so tried to give me a few pointers [he tried to get me going a little too fast though ;) - I like my pizza pies!].

Jamie coaching me along

Using our poles as a steering wheel

It was PRETTY CHILLY out there! It was about 30* when we got to Pine Knob but was 22* by the time we left. Although the sun started coming out by the end of it, the wind was really picking up. And once noon time came around the hills were starting to get busy so we headed home by around 1:30pm or so.

Frozen Detroit

Ryan even took a little video of me skiing down one of the hills :)

All-in-all I would say it was a WONDERFUL time! And Ryan may even be able to get me out on the slopes again, so I would say he would consider this a HUGE improvement from our previous snowboarding adventure.

Oh yeah, and I couldn't forget to post a picture of my attire... Remember, I have lived in Southern California for the last 7+ years, so winter garb I NO LONGER OWN! Some of my layers included boys long-johns, brightly colored running capris, two pairs of my hubby's socks, and layers and layers of tshirts ;)

A BIG thanks to my sister-in-law who let me borrow some of her top layers to keep me warm and dry!

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