Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lions Game - Thanksgiving

Ryan's family and my family trade off holidays. One will get Thanksgiving and one will get Christmas. This year was my family's Thanksgiving.

When the NFL released the schedules for this year, we noticed that the Lions would be HOME on Thanksgiving. Well, if you know me or my family, then you KNOW that sports is WHERE IT'S AT!

We try to go to as many sporting events as possible, whether it is a Pistons game, Red Wings game (which we will be going to for Christmas with my mom, my dad, my brother, his girlfriend, Ryan's parents, Ryan's sister and her husband, and our brother-in-law and her boyfriend), Walleyes game, Tigers game, etc.

Pistons Game 2008:

Walleyes Game 2012:

Tigers Spring Training 2013:

Mom, Dave Dombrowski and I

Ryan and I chatted about it and thought it would be AMAZING if we could go to the Lions/ Packers game on Thanksgiving when we were back in Michigan. It didn't take much convincing (actually, I don't think it was more than a 5 second conversation) - and we decided to make it happen. My parents actually bought us the tickets as our birthday presents this year! YAY!

I've never been to a Lions game before (I mean, they are normally TERRIBLE, but still OUR team). I went to my first NFL game a few years ago - a Chargers game (since we live in San Diego now) with Ryan and his parents.

Just in case you aren't familiar with Detroit, that is Comerica Field on the left hand side of the picture - RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! Sports in the D are AMAZING!
Before the game we walked around inside of Ford Field a bit (there was a parade and Turkey Trots going on downtown, so we weren't sure what traffic and parking would be like so left plenty early).

Christmas Card shot, right?! 



Selfies while the boys were in the potty... 

Mom blocked Kyle in this shot, but cute none-the-less [PS Thanks DAD for the pictures!]

There we all are :) [PS Thanks DAD for the pictures!]

My brother is a HUGE Packers fan (and secretly my mom, Ryan, and I might cheer for them if they aren't playing the Lions - but I wish Woodson was still on the team). If you saw the outcome of the game you can imagine he wasn't the happy one in our family...

Packers fans... Smiling before the game... 

Like mother like son...

The Lions won HUGE. It was the first time since 2003 they have won on Thanksgiving! With streaks like that, I have NOT IDEA why they continue to give Lions national attention and let them play on the big stage. But it's tradition... Watching the Lions while eating dinner with family and friends (and normally LOSING is part of that tradition, but not this year BABY).

After the game Ryan and I took a couple pictures (while everyone else was using the bathroom).

The crowd on the field is Reggie Bush being interviewed

A little blurry... the kid we asked was less than stellar at picture taking... 

So stoked!

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