Thursday, November 7, 2013

REVIEW: Mizu Bottles

Mizu is the Japanese word for water. Pro snowboarder Jussi Oksanen and friends founded the company in 2008 after they felt embarrassed by the sea of plastic water bottles that had gathered in their truck after only one week of filming in Alaska.

SIDE NOTE: I have to say – I am TOTALLY STOKED on them! Normally when I am reaching out to companies about testing and reviewing products, I send over a link to my blog (that way they can check it out, see that I have been reviewing other items, see that I have been posting consistently for the past ALMOST SEVEN YEARS, etc). I guess I just assumed most companies might click on the link and scroll quickly, but didn’t think they actually took the time to read anything on it. [[I guess my thought is, most companies see it a cheaper form of advertising, since they are only out their cost of the product, but in return hopefully create a life-long fan of their company, along with possibly spreading the word to other folks who may have never tried their products before.]]

I received one of the Mizu bottles AND a little note in the package. The note mentioned that they loved the blurb I have at the top of my blog about being a difference maker and they wanted to encourage me to continue trying to change the world. Now, I obviously know that doesn’t mean they read every single blog post I have written over the last 7 years, but it really meant a lot that they mentioned what they saw and that they liked it :).

Okay, so now on to the product… 

I originally found out about Mizu through Rob Machado’s Instagram (he is a team rider for Reef, where my husband is a graphic designer). Rob worked with Mizu on a line of bottles that give back to Waves for Water and the Rob Machado Foundation. [[ANOTHER HUGE REASON WHY I SUPPORT THIS COMPANY – THEY ARE GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY!!]]


Mizu sent me one of their M8 bottles (8 because it holds 800mL {27 ounces} of liquid). I picked the matte red finish, and have to say, I couldn’t be happier!

I love the size of the bottle, I love the soft touch feel of the finish, I love they are 100% BPA free, I love they are made of the highest grade stainless steel, I love they are 100% recyclable (hopefully I will keep mine forever, but just in case, I feel great knowing that it won’t sit in a landfill). [I also love that the top looks like a water drop – I think it is super cute :)]

I have been taking my bottle along with me just about everywhere for the last two weeks. It has gone to Disneyland (I love bringing in my own bottle, that way I can just fill it up out of a drinking fountain and not have to buy something or be wasteful). I have used it daily at work (I try to drink lots of water throughout the day and a bottle like this definitely helps). It fits in a standard car cup-holder, which is great and makes it easy to take it with you on the go. I took it on a bike ride the other day too (I would probably recommend ordering one of the U-Suck Sport Caps if you plan on using it on a bike, that way you don’t have to unscrew the standard Loop Cap while riding). I have used it at the gym, taken it to the beach, enjoyed water from it with dinner, etc.

My bottle sitting on my desk at work

Stay hydrated while working out

It fits in a normal cup holder, which makes it convenient for travel

My bottle met the Pacific Ocean - they got along well!

I would HIGHLY suggest checking out Mizu. Follow them on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and make sure to stay up-to-date with what is new and happenin'.

Grab a bottle for yourself, your kids, your friends, a stranger, everyone and anyone. 

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