Friday, August 9, 2013

Home Run 5K - Virtual Run

As you may know (from my previous blog post) I have been selected to help out Jost Running for the next few months. In return for my feedback, blog posts, reviews, etc, I have been given free entry into any and all of their virtual races for the next three months.

My first virtual race with Jost Running was the Home Run 5K.  (I love baseball, so am stoked that the theme for the first virtual race I am participating in with Jost Running was baseball.)

Ryan had missed his training run on Wednesday, so I talked him into running this virtual 5K with me last night after I had finished my gym work out (stationary bike for an hour – 17.5 miles). Our first mile was fairly slow (about 11 minute mile pace), but that was mostly because it was uphill, as well as Ryan mentioned his legs were still a little tight from our 12.5 mile run this past weekend. Even though we had a slow first mile, we really kicked it in for the last mile and had a sub-9 minute mile (8:58). We were able to finish the 5K in 30:40, which was a great time for Ryan (and I loved having his company).

I am stoked for my HOTDOG medal to come in the mail J. I will just consider it a veggie dog... 

Can’t wait for my next virtual race!! If you are interested in participating in any of these races, please just let me know and I can assist with that. 

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Anonymous said...

great medal. such a cool thing this is!!!