Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hit By a Car...

Yesterday afternoon my co-worker texted me after she left work and said that her car broke down. Apparently the alternator on her car went out - what a bummer. She lives near me, so she asked if I would be willing to give her a ride home today. Her hours are 6am to 2pm. I decided that I would go into the office around 6am (I have been getting in around 6:30am or 7am the last few weeks, so it wasn't that big of a difference), that way I could just head home after I dropped her off - instead of going back into the office.

I got home around 2:20pm and decided that rather than heading back towards work to hit up the gym I would just go out on a bike ride for my afternoon workout. It was warm (about 85*s) and breezy (about 10mph winds), but it was still a beautiful summer day.

I was about a quarter mile from our house when it happened... I got hit by a car. DON'T WORRY - I AM OKAY! I think it more just startled me than actually hurt me. There was a side street that I was riding by. I was on the sidewalk, crossed at the intersection properly, and was heading to the sidewalk across the street. Now since this was a side street, I didn't have any type of stop, but the traffic from the side street had a stop sign. The lady in the car had stopped at the stop sign, but then didn't look BOTH ways before hitting the gas. She looked to her left (or so I hope she at least looked one way), but didn't look to her right to see me. BOOM!

Now since she was stopped it wasn't a fast or hard collision. Like I mentioned, I think it more just shocked me. My pedal seemed to take most of the impact (it did dent in her bumper). I did tip over onto her hood a bit, and I might have a slight bruise on my upper thigh, but it didn't really hurt. Thankfully I wear my helmet whenever I am on my bike (I didn't hit my head at all, but I would rather be safe than sorry) and my RoadID just in case something ever happens.

I have already been scolded by Ryan, telling me I should have called the cops and gotten her information - but what can you expect?! I've never been hit by a car before! I was still able to ride my bike home, so I think everything is okay on it (but Ryan said that we will still check it out once he gets home from work).

Quite the eventful afternoon. Who knew changing my workout routine would cause such a commotion?!

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eliseo said...

I love headbands for working out because they make sure my glasses don't move around (especially during home improvement financing weights or when I'm super sweaty)!