Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Few Pictures

As I mentioned, Ryan and I went with North Coast Church's Fuel 9/10 ministry up to Lake San Antonio for a week as photographers. The pictures are starting to get posted on Fuel's Facebook page. I was actually surprised at how many I was in, especially because I was BEHIND the camera the whole time. Anyway, here are a couple of the ones that I appeared in. [I am not going to post any of the pictures I took, just because I am not sure the privacy issues with minors, but feel free to check out Fuel's Facebook page and all the albums posted.]

Yes, my CamelBak was in my sports bra for most of the week - GOTTA STAY HYDRATED!

Me, Lisa & Rachyl

Rachyl, Lisa and I being BEASTS on the tubes

Some of the CREW being silly before heading home


The boys doing the 'girl picture squat'

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