Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Privateer

We tried The Privateer for the first time last night. We have been there before for a private party for Chemistry, but this was the first time that we went and actually ordered our own food and were real patrons. [The owner even recognized us from being in before - how fun. It was cool that they walk around and welcome every and give their recommendations - very mom-n-pop sort of feel - but hipster at the same time :)]

It was SCRUM-DIDILY-UMPTIOUS! We had the Blockhead Pie. It has - light tomato, mushroom, bell pepper, basil, garlic, spinach and pesto. Normally I like my pizza cheesy and gooey, but man this was yummy!

I love that they are so PRO-Oceanside. I know Ry and I will be back MANY times and I hope everyone else checks it out and supports local!!

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