Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ry's First Five

This morning Ryan and I went out for our Sunday run. HE DID HIS FIRST FIVE MILES!! Whoooo hoooo!!

We have been working up our Sunday runs now for a couple months. Two months ago we were doing 3 miles every Sunday. Last month we were going 4 miles every Sunday. AND TODAY HE RAN HIS FIRST FIVE MILER!!

We went down to the beach to run on my 'normal' route (since the routes around our house have a lot of loops and I told him for me it was easier to go out for a straight 2.5 miles and then turn back [because in my head you are already 2.5 miles away form your car, you have to go back - and might as well run it so you get back quicker :) ]). It was pretty busy, especially for being Easter - but hey, that is one thing I like about where we live - so many active people.

We kept a good pace (especially because he didn't want to go out too fast and not be able to finish strong), but did start our kick a little too early (he kicked it into high gear around mile 4.5 and then we had to keep it up for the whole last half mile). [Now to improve the time little by little over the next 3 weeks before we bump it up to 6 miles :)]

After we got back to the truck there was a lady getting ready to go down to the beach. I told Ryan we had to commemorate the moment. I asked her if she would take our picture for us - since he had just ran his first five miles. She said of course (and that she had actually just finished up five miles of her own).

We figured a HIGH FIVE was a great way to celebrate the FIVE miles :)

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Megan said...

AWESOME job Ryan!!! So excited for you both :)