Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Four

This evening Ryan and I did our weekly Sunday run (I am ecstatic that we are making it a routine). We decided to go down to the beach to change up the route a bit (the loop hear our house is fun, but after doing it for about 6 weeks in a row, we needed a little change in scenery).

This week Ry decided he wanted to increase the mileage from 3 to 4 miles. This was the first time he has run four miles in over 7 years. He did a relay race with some friends and family members when we were in college and ran a couple legs of it, but since then hasn't really done much running. I am sooooo proud of him.

It was rather stormy feeling (super windy and dark clouds were all around), but we were able to power through. The last mile we actually picked up the pace a ton (we ran the first three around 11 minute miles) and finished strong with a 9:13 mile!

Of course we had to commemorate his longest run in years with a picture before we headed home :)

Right now Ry is training for a 10K. We will be running the Strawberry Fest 10K in May. Not only did we run the 5K together last year, but this will give Ry proof of finishing time that he can use for the Disneyland Half Marathon that we will be running together in September - that way we won't be in the last corral.

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