Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll

This afternoon I registered for ANOTHER half marathon. WOWSER! Who would have guessed that when I started running a little over a year ago that I would already have 3 half marathons under my belt and have another 2 on my calendar?!

The race I registered for today is the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. This will actually be my first non-Disney half. I am interested to see how it goes. The course seems fast and pretty flat (looks like there is about a 250 feet elevation change, but the last 3 miles or so are down hill, which should help with my time).

I was shooting for a PR (personal record) of around 1:58 during the Princess Half Marathon last weekend, but as soon as I felt the heat and humidity I knew that time was out the window (I promise I will post my recap in the next couple days). I ended up finishing with a time of 2:02:08, which is only about two minutes and fifteen seconds off my fastest one thus far.

I still have about 3 months before this race - and now that the time will be changing next weekend - I am hoping to get in a bit of speed work and really make this goal of mine a reality.

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