Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Training

Last Friday we went to one of the Tiger's Spring Training games. They were playing the Braves, which happen to have their 'home Spring Training field' at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Champion Stadium at Disney! We thought it would be PERFECT, especially since we were all flying in that morning and our condo would be just minutes from the field.

My parents had to chuckle because their flight was delayed for an hour or so that morning while they sat on the runway getting their plane de-iced because there was a blizzard in Detroit and then that afternoon we all got a little sun burnt (and even though it was slightly uncomfortable, it was MUCH better than a blizzard burn :) ).

The Tigers beat the Braves 2-1. We had a great time. We got to see most of the big players and even saw the young bucks kick some booty when they were welcomed into the game.

One of the extra special things that happened at the game - along with being at Disney, with my parents and hubby, watching the Tigers play ball, was that we noticed Dave Dombrowski was in the stands. At first we thought maybe he would only last an inning or so and then head to a private box or something, but low-and-behold he stayed in his section the whole game (which was the section next to us - and YES we did 'stalk' him throughout the game, taking a few pictures through the good zoom on the camera).

As we were leaving the park, my mom asked if I wanted to go get my photo with him. WELL OF COURSE I DID. We went down to where he was at and there were a few folks standing in line to take a picture with him. We asked if he would do us the honor. Mom continues to mention how nice he smelled, even after sitting in the blazing sun for 2.5 hours :) [by the way, I am sure we were smelling RIPE]. We took a quick shot, shook hands with all the big wigs, and then headed back to the condo (we still hadn't checked in at this point, Ryan and I actually slept in our rental car trunk earlier that morning after we got off of our red-eye flight).

Oh yeah, and just in case you aren't sure who Mr. Dombrowski is - he is the current president, CEO and general manager of the Detroit Tigers.

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