Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I know that I missed posting my Thankful Thursday list last week. It was NOT because I wasn't thankful, it was just I was so insanely busy that I didn't really have a moment to sit down and write something out. So I figured instead of a list of 3, I would double up and do 6 today :)

Bikes [Ryan got a new bike a couple weeks ago - a old school-type 3-speed Schwinn. Before he had a fixed gear bike and the seat wasn't very comfortable, so when we would go on bike rides it would be about 4 or 5 miles in and he would be 'complaining' about his booty hurting. This new bike is super fun (not to mention we sold his other one at a profit), so we have been able to go on a few bike rides since then and haven't had any hurt body parts yet :) ]

Sunshine [We are currently in the 'May Gray' and 'June Gloom' months out here. I know, I know, we have 2 or so months of not perfect weather and we complain about it :). But since it has been gray and overcast for a while, it makes me appreciate the sunshine so much more. It just brightens up my day (both figuratively and literally). I love Mr. (or Ms.) Sunshine!]

Good Customer Service [It has been about a year since we bought our Ford Focus. They are giving me a free detail, as an 'anniversary' gift. I have been calling to set up the appointment for the last couple days, but the gentleman I was supposed to work with wasn't in. Last night I spoke with the manager, who said he would take care of EVERYTHING. Told me that we could drop it off whenever it was convenient for us and then they would even drive it over to me at my office around lunch time that day when it was done. Not only did he want to make it right (since I have had a slightly difficult time getting it set up), he wanted to keep me as a customer for like - which I think he did :)]

Skype [Living thousands of miles away from our families is sometimes hard, so it is nice to have the technologies to actually 'see' them when you are taking to them sometimes (rather than just hearing them on the phone). This past Christmas we even used Skype with my family to open our Christmas gifts together :).]

Fairies [That is the name we give to the hummingbirds. I feel like I could sit and watch them for hours. They are so fast and crazy sometimes. I love that we have a feeder right outside our living room window. Even though I scold 'Chubs' for being a bully, I still would be sad if they didn't come to our feeder.]

Ice [I have been icing my knee lately, yes, I think I really screwed it up. I DEFINITELY wish I wouldn't have done that, but now that I have, it is nice to have ice at my disposal to try and get my knee back to 100%. Prayers, along with the ice, would be greatly appreciated! :) ]

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