Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alaskan Airline Celeb

Ryan sent me an email today. Apparently someone with the Surfrider Foundation was pitching the idea of an article about International Surf Day to some different magazines. I guess Alaskan Airlines Magazine was interested in the concept and is planning on running an article and picture. The funny thing is that it is a picture of RYAN! How fun! He could be in the June article of the magazine. In my head I am seeing folks on a flight flipping through the inflight magazine and seeing MY HUBBY!

AND, OH MY GOODNESS, GUESS WHAT I JUST REMEMBERED... We are flying Alaskan Airlines to Hawaii in 3 weeks. How AMAZING would it be if he is in the article that is on THAT FLIGHT! I think if that happens I might have to tell the staff and they will need to introduce him and sign autographs! HA!

PS I will wait until the article is actually published to post the picture - but trust me, it is a good one!

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