Monday, May 7, 2012

Running Break

I had to take the day off of running today – what a bummer. I am pretty frustrated with it all. I think I tweaked my knee on Wednesday of last week (I KNOW, lesson learned – I will NOT run in non-running shoes any more) and I think I may have re-aggravated it on Saturday when I ran. I am slightly worried about not running, seeing as I have a race in two weeks (it is only a 5k, but still a race nonetheless), but I realized that I would rather not run for a day or two and let my knee get back to 100% than keep running on it and not be able to run the race at all. 

[I would really appreciate prayer for my knee, if you are the praying type, that it would get back to normal ASAP and that I can keep a positive attitude while it is on the mend - thanks in advance!!]

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