Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Only In Cheboygan

Only in Cheboygen does stuff like this ACTUALLY happen :)

I got home from work yesterday and I was checking out my Facebook News Feed. A friend had posted on her Facebook status the comment below (I have blocked out photos and names just to protect the innocent :) ):

As you can see, I was slightly flabbergasted!

I mean how do feral pigs get loose? And how are 3 of them shot downtown? (PS The 'Char' we are referring to in the post above in my mother-in-law.)

So Ryan gets home from work and I tell him that he is NOT going to believe what I just read. I pull up the status and read it out loud to him. The first thing he says is that he knows exactly where that ranch is and that he thought they were having issues there for a while. Of course we have to call Ryan's parents to get the skinny in the situation.

When Charlene first heard about it, they were at a friend's house. Someone called and told her that there was a shooting downtown and that three were killed. Now at this point she is thinking that it is people (and she didn't know how 3 people would have been shot and killed, since that was like half of the population up there, JUST KIDDING), but thankfully they found out that it was 'just' pigs.

I guess the ranch had been getting into trouble lately and that the DNR was actually on their case about the feral pigs. And then 8 of them ESCAPED! So now, well, the last we heard of it was yesterday, there are still 5 feral pigs on the loose.... So of course my father-in-law says he is going to have to carry his Glock every where so that he would be ready if one tried to attack :)

Oh the joys of small-town, northern Michigan living :)

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