Sunday, May 13, 2012

Museums a PLENTY

Somehow the husbands talked us into going to Balboa Park yesterday and hitting up the museums. I guess the wives went along with is because misery loves company :).

We started out at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

Don't I look thrilled? And this was only about 5 minutes into the whole day...
We drove hopter-copters

Ry was quite pumped
We were on the moon

And on a runway

Then made our way to the San Diego Automotive Museum. Ryan loved the motorcycles and Woodies. And I thought Louis Mattar's Fabulous Car was really something.


The Whizzer
Then we walked through the Japanese Friendship Garden. Such a pretty place.


Koi pond
Oh yeah, then it was off to the San Diego Museum of Man. Um.... interesting...

There was a section on evolution of animals...

And a section on cyborgs...

And then we finished the day off at the San Diego Natural History Museum. We even got to watch a 3D movie on sharks... but didn't live up to what we were expecting :)



Waiting for the movie

And since the wives went along with the whole day, we were rewarded with dinner at Ponce's in Kensington.

Friends :)

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