Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Update

Ryan and I are friends with a great couple - Todd & Renae. Todd works for Walking on Water as the missions director. He has a heart for Japan. They have gone to Japan for the last 8 summers. Ryan was fortunate enough to go with him on one of his trips to Japan. Below is an email that I received from Todd this morning:

As you probably know we have been working in Japan for the last 8 consecutive summers and it is a place very near and dear to our hearts. Please read the update below from our main contact in Japan whom we always work with over there. Japan REALLY needs our prayers during this time.

Hi friends and family,

Thanks for all your concerns. Things are still in emergancy mode here and many people starting to panic. Supermarkets are packed, gasoline stations in our area have run out of gasoline. Many electricity plants have been shut down. Electricity from today will be rationed out we will have no electricity today from 5pm-8pm. Last night we continued to have major tremours through the night. I have our car packed with tents water etc in case we need to evacuate.

I traveled to Tokyo yesterday to join with other churches/ministries to Join a CRASH organisation meeting (Christian Relief Assistance Support and Hope). Plans were made to take in volunteer teams once this danger period has settled down. Problems are at thie stage that getting to worst effected areas is almost impossible. Trains are down, roads are down, gasoline is running out and due to possible radiation leakes people are warned to stay away. Please pray for these things that are hampering rescue efforts. These are the most urgent prayer needs right now.

I plan to be part of a team to help get supplies to some of the coastal communities about 6 hours from here. I had a friend take a truck load of water and supplies last night who said it was all gone in a number of minutes. Problem is the devastation is so wide spead that many areas 3 days later have seen no rescuers or aid being brought in. Please pray for these people and our team members as we take in some suppiles over the next few days.

In the coming weeks as things settle down we will look at taking volunteer teams we hope from CSJ. For those wishing to support these efforts you can support the combined efforts of churches and ministries on the ground here through CRASH (see or facebook CRASH japan for donation details) or you can donate to Christian Surfers International. Please mark for Japan tsunami. For donation details check CSI website .

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support.

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Hey Car,
Maybe it's these old eyes but I have problems reading the blue lettering on the green background.
Love and miss ya alot!!!