Friday, March 25, 2011

Driving Test

Ryan and I still only have our motorcycle permits - not full licenses. The only thing that we really have to do to get fully licensed is to go take the driving test. We have heard it is pretty tough (and have actually practiced it a few times - which only discouraged me). You can also take a motorcycle safety course which allows you to skip the DMV driving test (which is I think the route I will take if we get a scooter again). We have been looking on the DMV website to make an appointment for Ryan to take the test for a while, but the appointments are always over a month out (and we are hoping to sell the scooter by then). Ryan asked me to see on Wednesday about setting up an appointment for him, so I did. It was his lucky day. Someone had just cancelled their appointment for Friday at 2:20pm (we both get off around 2pm on Fridays). I think it was probably because it is supposed to be rainy and they didn't want to risk failing because of the weather. Anyway, we scheduled the test and Ryan will be over there this afternoon trying to get his full license. (PS After I scheduled his appointment I tried to do one for me, and the next available appointment wasn't until April 29th, so I will be passing on taking it this time :) ).

Good luck babe!

PS Rain Rain GO AWAY. Ryan has his test today! (I saw something similar on a friend's Facebook page and had to steal it :) )

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