Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bejeweled Jeep

Today I received notification that someone found our geo cache that is down by Tyson St beach. I always love to read them because there is a Veteran that is normally down there. He has his hole Jeep covered in jewels and gems and stickers. It is quite the site to see. Next time I see him I should probably post a picture. Anyway, the log that came through this afternoon said:

No-No and I had to wait out the flashy & boisterous encampment of a Marine vet and his bejeweled suv, which also happened to be putting out over 4,000 Watts of sound for our listening enjoyment....not to mention the rest of Oceanside's.[:P] It was quite the car. Once everybody was distracted by Liberace's soul mobile, I was able to handle all of the caching biz. The shutterbugs really started to roll up as we left. Thanks again!

I love that we know exactly who it is and that it brings a smile to everyone's face :) PS The picture here is nothing near what the jeep is actually like!

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Anonymous said...

The XY saw that Jeep today. We've been searching for picts, so that I could see what he was talking about. He saw it just north of 76 on College.