Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fab 5 Documentary

Fab Five documentary brutally honest, stunningly thorough

The Fab Five's Michigan basketball legacy has been tainted in the years since they left school, often told in bits and pieces, odd-fitting sections here and there.

Numerous attempts have been made to tell the complete story. Free Press columnist Mitch Albom wrote a best-selling Fab Five book, Fox Sports made a "Beyond the Glory" review show, and many others tried to gather the entire puzzle of these college basketball revolutionaries.

But, as Jalen Rose promised, the best way to do it -- the most complete way -- was from the inside.

"Those were the stories," Rose said in an interview with the Free Press last week after a rough cut of ESPN's "The Fab Five" was made available to the Free Press. "This is the Bible."

This all-inclusive documentary -- with a 100-minute running time scheduled to debut at 9 p.m. March 13 -- is as complete a telling as anyone has done.

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